How and where should we learn “testing”?

Joel Montvelisky, the Chief solution architect at Practitest – test management tool, and Rob Lambert, Director of cultivated management, a tech consulting company, talk about different ways to become testers.

How and where should we learn “testing”?

There are many possible paths you can take in order to start learning how to test. The path you choose is related to your background. Perhaps you are a business owner or a tech professional who decided to make a career change or maybe you don’t have any related background at all. Your background influences the learning path that you choose.

Testing is contextual. Testing knowledge and technical knowledge is important, but understanding the business world you would eventually test is equally as important.

Two useful modules of test learning:

  • Knowledge acquisition learning – reading a book, going to a conference, a seminar, etc.
  • Test acquisition learning – putting the things that you learn into practice

Some main takeaway points:

  • A good way to start your career as a tester is by shadowing an experienced tester that can explain all his/her steps and workflow clearly
    Search for an opportunity to put your testing knowledge on a testing related website.
  • Podcasts related to testing can be a great way to learn, as well as other podcasts that can give you additional skills that would help you fit in the business you are aiming for.
  • The importance of conferences as a source of training and knowledge and how to put them to good use.
  • Work with a knowledge management system in order to organize the knowledge you acquired.
  • There are a variety of testing courses out there, a good testing course can also help acquiring the needed testing knowledge.
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