Testability is everyone’s responsibility

The following is a guest post by Ash Winter – Ash is an independent tester and conference speaker. His formative years as a consultant gave him a broad background in software development. He has an Experience in testing, performance engineering, and automation of both build and test, and he also spent a while being a Scrum […]

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Follow up Questions from the Webinar on “Testing without requirements” with Michael Bolton

The following is a guest post by Michael Bolton a consultant and trainer, specialized in Rapid Software Testing, a skill set and a mindset focused on high-value testing that is fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable. (More about the author below)   A little while back, I presented a Webinar for PractiTest. There were some follow-up […]

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Approaching your automation – with measured awareness!

The following is a guest post by Toyer Mamoojee, a ‘die-hard’ passionate Agile Automation Test Analyst with almost 16 years testing experience across many industries. (More about the author below) Just as money makes the world go round, automation makes the testing world go round. Automation has gone beyond just a buzz word and has now become […]

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