Streamline your process and workflow with a flexible tool that works for you

Doesn’t matter how your team works - From waterfall to DevOps through supporting a method change - PractiTest is the right tool for you

Agile Testing with PractiTest

Make the most of your team’s agility. Use a tool that works for you and not the other way around

PractiTest is a SaaS QA management tool that supports and enhances Agile processes. When working agile, flexibility is a must. With PractiTest, you can organize and reorganize your data in a dynamic way based on your cycles, sprints, or any other way that will support your process. Custom fields and customizable dashboards let you visualize your data in the most relevant way. REST API and advanced integrations with automation and CI/CD tools streamline the agile process and the integrations with bug trackers give you the best way to manage and control all your testing efforts. PractiTest ensures your QA tasks and team are working smoothly and efficiently and allows other project stakeholders to collaborate – such as R&D and management.

  • Enhance team communication and cooperation
  • Display information in multiple ways at once
  • Manage and control all your testing efforts (manual and automation) in one place
  • Duplicate data or generate complex DB queries easily
Agile Test Management
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Don’t compromise your product quality to the rapid pace of DevOps

Even when testing is everyone’s responsibility, you are still in charge of quality

Working DevOps, does not mean less testing. On the contrary. It means that more and more people on your team need to be able to test their work before it is pushed to your users. In order to cooperate successfully and empower more of your team to be effective testers, you need a solution that will guide your DevOps efforts without delaying the pace of testing. PractiTest is a flexible SaaS test management tool you can customize according to your needs. This makes teamwork and division of labor - clearer and smoother. The GUI is very straight forward so even someone that is not a trained tester can find his way in the tool. All data in the tool is real-time live data making sure you always know where things stand and what needs to be done. Seamless integrations with automation tools and bug trackers unify the workflow and give you one point of control for the entire process. Data organization in PractiTest is flexible and allows you to slice and dice your data according to your sprints, versions, build, etc so you can always get to the data you need without the extra work of searching, duplicating, and so on. PractiTest’s solution is ideal for DevOps teams as it allows to:

  • Enhance team communication and cooperation
  • Display real-time information in multiple ways at once
  • Reuse your testing elements to save time and increase efficiency
  • Duplicate data or generate complex db queries easily
  • Integrate with ci and other development frameworks to guide testing of your manual and automatic tests using a single repository
  • Have full visibility into your entire process and base your decisions on the entire picture
DevOps Test Management
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Use a tool that supports traditional methodologies and workflows

Have end-to-end cover for waterfall projects and streamline your process

PractiTest is an all-in-one application lifecycle management solution. As such, PractiTest answers the needs of the entire testing process and has all the features a test management tool needs and more. With PractiTest, users can keep track of projects at any point in time using traceability, history, and assignments. The ability to organize your tests based on your cycles, features, build, test level, and any other way makes the team’s work more efficient. Many times organizations use multiple tools and are not interested in switching them. PractiTest has built-in integrations with most bug trackers, automation, CI/CD tools, and REST API for the rest. This means you don’t need to re-establish your entire working process, PractiTest is flexible enough to adapt to your workflow and to streamline it.

  • Keep the workflow that works for you and get better results
  • Establish a flexible and clear data structure based on your needs
  • Keep track of all efforts at all times and get full visibility from requirement to execution
  • Integrate your existing tools and enjoy the test management features you can’t find anywhere else
Waterfall Test Management
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Shifting forward - Migrating to PractiTest

Shift to the best test management tool with ease and confidence

Many teams find their existing test management tool inadequate for their needs. Whether it is a lack of stability or insufficient functionality, they find themselves wanting to move from their existing test management tool to a more advanced ALM such as PractiTest. Moving to a new tool can be a hassle but with PractiTest migration and on-boarding plans, you can expect a fast and smooth transition. PractiTest migration plan includes methodological support, technical support, and training, to ensure you get the solution you are looking for, easily.

Migrating from HP/QC: When pursuing new and advanced testing methods, a team needs a tool that will support this. Migrate from Quality Center, QC, to a tool that is agile-ready, while leveraging a structured migration plan, seamless Jira integration, flexible pricing plan, and the best support. Learn More about migrating from HP/QC

Migrating from TestRail: Work with a SaaS tool company that focuses on its customers and continues to deliver full availability and confidence. With PractiTest you can enjoy all the test management features, at a reasonable price and with full transparency. PractiTest has the best support team in the market available throughout the migration and whenever you need them. Learn More about migrating from TestRail

  • Easily migrate from QC or Testrail with a structured migration plan, onboarding support, and training sessions
  • Complete end-to-end solution that is agile-ready with seamless Jira integration and automation support
  • Maintain the highest level of security and availability with 99.99% uptime
  • Have all testing efforts in one centralized place
  • Work with a tool that works for you, and not the other way around
Migrate to PractiTest
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