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Using Jira? Another bug tracking tool? Automation or CI tools? See how PractiTest integration allows you to have all your testing data in one central place.

Collaborate effectively with the best test management for Jira

  • Integrate Jira Server, Data Center or Cloud seamlessly with full synchronization
  • Ensure better communication between testers and developers
  • Prevent assignment repetition or overlooked issues
  • Gain visibility with comprehensive Test Execution reports
Test Management For Jira

End-to-End Test Management Solution for Two Way Integration with Azure DevOps

  • Report an issue straight from the PractiTest run to Azure DevOps, and all the details in Azure will be synched to the equivalent PractiTest’s issue
  • Link issues that already reside in your PractiTest project to an Azure work item
  • Import and synchronize work items from Azure, in bulk or one by one, as requirements or as issues, to PractiTest
  • Cover the entire cycle of product development and create traceability by linking synced items to tests in PractiTest
Test Management for Azure DevOps
PractiTest integration with Azure DevOps

Manage your tasks with the PractiTest & ClickUp Integration

  • Report a ClickUp Task directly from your PractiTest run
  • Choose the Space and the list you want to report the task to, and edit the run data that will be automatically updated in the task
  • Any change to the ClickUp task’s name, description, and status will be reflected in PractiTest
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ClickUp integration

Empower your team by integrating with Pivotal Tracker Agile project management tool

  • Allow both R&D and QA professionals to contribute to the testing process
  • Effortlessly manage tasks and statuses with auto-synced and imported user stories
  • Survey the 30,000-foot view with real-time updates
  • Sync and import user stories – automatically
Test Management for Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal Tracker

Sync your issues and Requirements to YouTrack

  • Seamless workflow - by reporting bugs from a PractiTest run directly to YouTrack
  • Real-time information - both systems are synched and each change in one of them will reflect to the other
  • Unified data and efficient work - importing issues and requirements to PractiTest and keeping them linked to each other
Test Management for YouTrack
YouTrack Integration

Integrate with any automation tool using REST API

  • Integrate all your test runs (manual and automatic) under one roof to have real-time full visibility into your test status
  • Use any automation tool (Selenium, Soap UI, Test Complete, Ranorex, and more) and update PractiTest directly using the Automation API
  • Work everywhere and in any language
  • Enable access to authorized stakeholders and keep confidentiality and security
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PractiTest REST API documentation

Receive your CI/CD and Unit Testing results straight into PractiTest using FireCracker

  • Automatically integrate your CI/CD and Unit Testing results files into PractiTest for full QA coverage and control
  • Update PractiTest with the results of every new build, including all fields and parameters
  • Map and clean your results for clearer visibility
Read More About FireCracker

Schedule and execute automated tests using xBot - an internal automation framework

  • Run any executable from within PractiTest on any remote computer
  • Capture the results and log them as Test Runs in PractiTest
  • Visualize and manage all the data from your entire testing operation using PractiTest dashboards and reports
Read More About xBot
xBot automation framework

Report all your CircleCI results automatically to PractiTest and manage all your testing in one platform

  • Utilize FireCracker CircleCI Orb to get all your testing results in PractiTest
  • Parse and modify the CircleCI results to match your PractiTest fields and workflow
  • Configure the integration without touching your code or installing any external tool
  • Visualize your entire testing data using PractiTest dashboards and reports
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