What Software Testing can learn from Basketball, games are won with a Great Defense

I beg forgiveness to all NBA fans, since this post relates mainly to all the rest of the basketball leagues (College-league, Euro-league, etc.) where most players are mere mortals 🙂

I read a comment on a newspaper this weekend saying that “Team X” had won a game due to its defense.  This reminded me of a game I saw last week while I was *running* in the gym where 2 college teams were playing and it was obvious that the team that was winning, and not by a short margin, did not really have a better percentage from the field but they were “kicking-ass” on Defense, specially winning almost every single defensive.


If you ever played basketball you know that you need to have talent to play good offense.  But in order to play defense you don’t need talent, you need physical endurance and most importantly you need DETERMINATION.  I learned this in my high-school basketball team where all my friends had talent and I decided I also wanted to be part of the team…

But what the heck has this to do with Software Testing???  Everything!

It is true that you can have a natural talent to “attract bugs to you” whenever you log into your Application Under Test, this will certainly not harm you as a tester.
But a great tester is the person who is 110% determined to do the best possible testing job all the time; who’ll work with all his heart even when the task may be less “glamorous” than the one being done by the developer sitting next to him; and who’ll play with his “eye on the ball” but with his head focused on the objectives and goals of the whole team all the time and specially during the hard times.

I think that in the same way as basketball games are won with points but lost with a bad defense, and the teams who succeed in the long run are those with a strong and stable defense; our companies and products sell in the short run with fast features and cool functionality, but in the long run the ones that succeed are those with a high quality and stable product.

So just like in basketball, you need to keep your eye on the ball but your head focused on the objective of the team; and…


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