Announcing the State of Testing Survey – Please help us to spread the word!

Anouncing the state of testing survey- Ask yourselfAren’t you curious to learn more about the testing community worldwide?
I know I am!

I am also sure that we testers share many of the same issues, questions and even frustrations around our working environment and our day-to-day tasks.

Is there something we can learn from these shared challenges?

How can we forge a better future for all of us by understanding more deeply what is happening to our profession?

With these questions  in mind I got in touch with my friends from Tea Time with Testers, and together we decided to launch a survey about the current reality and the challenges faced by testers and QA professional around the world.

This is The State of Testing survey.

Go on and participate!

The survey is now open, you can reach it from its page in the QABlog.  Our plan is to run it for the next 10 days, until the end of Monday Dec 16th.

Go ahead and participate, it will take you less than 10 minutes and you will be helping all the whole testing community by providing more information about our current reality and challenges.

How can you help?!

Did I say it starts by filling out the survey?
So go ahead!

In addition to that, we need as many additional testers to do the same and we could use your help us to spread the word.

You can help by posting a blog that points to the survey, by tweeting about it, by posting about it in your Linkedin, Google+ or Facebook account, by “talking” about it on any local or international testing forum you know, and even by telling your testing co-workers and friends.

You can see that we already started adding the names of collaborating bloggers in the survey’s page, and we will also send them/you the results before we make them publicly available so that you can also blog about them.

The more answers we have, the more insightful the information we will get from the survey.

Stay tuned…

Announcing the state of testing survey- Stay tunedOnce we have completed and analyzed the survey we will send the results to all the people who participated (and requested so in the final page of the questionnaire)

I am sure that we will all be surprised

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Designed for testers by testers, PractiTest can be customized to your team's ever-changing needs.

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