Why everyone should participate in the State of Testing™ survey

State of Testing survey

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

Then imagine what a series of pictures is worth…

This is what we (at PractiTest) have been doing with the State of Testing project (now entering its 8th year).  Each year we survey the professional worldwide QA community and publish the results in the annual State of Testing Report, which is offered free to anyone interested.

Each year the amount of participants has increased, and the final report becomes even more valuable as a culminated reflection of testing trends, challenges, and characteristics.

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Why we do this?

Very simply, we are interested in knowing where the testing community is heading, and the best way to know that is by trying to map out where we’ve been and where we are today. The information gathered can help us all as a professional community and as individuals make better decisions regarding our career paths, work practices and more.
The survey covers everything from demographics to best testing practices, testing skills, salaries, professional challenges, technologies, testing tools, recommended testing events and so much more.

The final report is translated into several languages and shared globally (see past reports here), further expanding the reach and impact this report has on all of us in the QA world.

What do we want from you?

Not a lot actually.

We kindly encourage you to fill out the survey as best as you can, so that we have as many answers representing as many testers worldwide as possible!
The more you dare to share the more reliable and reflective the final report becomes.

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And just before you go about the rest of your day –

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