The secrets of successful testing-community projects: OTC and SoT

It’s been a couple of busy weeks…

2 weeks ago we had the Fall 2020 OnlineTestConf

Maayan reminded me this was our 9th edition(!)
I sincerely had lost count.

It was a nice opportunity to appreciate the interesting road we’ve traveled, and where we’ve gotten to from where we started back in 2016, when not many thought an Online testing conference was possible or valuable.  When a world defined by a global virus was something possible only in the mind of some dark Hollywood screenwriter…

But back to the good stuff!!!

Click image to view all session recordings

This time we had some of the best sessions ever!
Don’t ask me to choose a favorite one, at least not publicly 😉

I connected with many of the ideas. Was inspired by a number of challenges brought forward.  Got reinforcement for projects I am already working on.  And made mental notes to re-think some ideas I wanted to work on early next year…

As always, I am mostly grateful with the presenters who invested their time and efforts in preparing the sessions: Rob Lambert, Paul Gerard, Mike Lyles (with his last minute save!), Janna Gierloff, Maaret Pyhajarvi, Anne-Marie Charrett, Tim O’Brien, Nihil Bhandari, Raj Subramayer, Pete Walen, Mark Tomlinson, Lisette Zounon, and Peter Varhol!

I also want to thank the 3500+ testers worldwide who signed up to attend the event!

I personally think the OTC is different from other conferences (physical or virtual) in the sense that we make a huge effort to bring ideas from all corners of the world (we literally go and fish some of the presenters for ideas we know they’ve been working on), balancing both the topics as well as the presenters themselves.  In this sense I am not sure how well known it is that we make sure to have a mix of experienced (award winning!) speakers, together with first time presenters (some of whom will go on to win their own awards in due time!).

Finally, but not less importantly we keep it 100% free of charge; EVERYONE should be able to attend, learn and expand her or his testing horizons with new ideas and inspiring thoughts, without putting forward anything other than their time and attention.

We are also currently running the State of Testing 2021 Survey

Another one of my projects.

State of Testing surveyWe made sure to release this year’s survey during the OTC so that more people would know about it, and answer with their input.  So far it is working, but we still need everyone’s help!

The State of Testing™ (SoT in short) was born out of my personal need for information about the current status of our community – I was writing a blog post and could not find any good source of info…  Once we understood this information did not exist anywhere we launched the first survey together with Teatime with Testers, this was back in 2013 and have been running them annually ever since.

With the years we’ve been able to see the trends raising, as our community evolves and develops.

We saw the adoption of Agile and now DevOps.  We are also seeing how teams shift left and right, and how this is translated into a number of different but specific activities.

We may even be witness to an evolution that will take us from focusing on Testing to Orchestrating Quality in our organizations, but jury is still out on this one, and we will know more as we continue observing and analyzing the patterns in the answers we get from all of you.

This is the main reason we need your help!  Because your answers define the patterns, and as we get more answers this pattern becomes more representative of what is really going on out there – where you are currently working and evolving your own practices!

Take the survey now

I’ve been lucky all these years…

Many of us have ideas of projects that will help our peers.  Some of us even try to take this ideas and make plans around them.  But only a lucky few get to actually put these ideas into practice.

I’ve had the luck of working on a company like PractiTest.  One that is obviously interested in expanding in the testing community (after all we have the best Test & QA Management system available today! 😉  ); but also a company that is willing to invest time, efforts and money on projects that do not have a direct impact on the bottom line of the firm.

I am really happy and grateful to be part of these two families.

The worldwide testing family undergoing transformations constantly in order to create products faster and better.  And also the PractiTest family, that understands that by investing in the testing community with projects like the OTC and the SoT we get people to become better testers who have the potential to enjoy the benefits of better testing (and some for some of them the direct benefits of our products).

If you’d like to get personally invited to the next OnlineTestConf in May 2021 Let me know

About PractiTest

Practitest is an end-to-end test management tool, that gives you control of the entire testing process - from manual testing to automated testing and CI.

Designed for testers by testers, PractiTest can be customized to your team's ever-changing needs.

With fast professional and methodological support, you can make the most of your time and release products quickly and successfully to meet your user’s needs.

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