State of Testing Survey 2018

state of testing 2018

The 2018 State of Testing Report is out! and it’s the most insightful one yet.

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This year’s State of Testing survey has been very successful, with roughly 1,500 responses from QA professionals, from over 80 countries worldwide.

It is even more amazing to see how year after year, we keep publishing our survey, and you – our great testing community – are always ready to take the time to answer the survey and help us put together an image of the reality, the changes, and the challenges taking place in and around our profession.

When we look at this year’s State of Testing Report the point that strikes the most is that we are able to identify clear trends that are visible after reviewing some of the questions year after year.  Helping us reach more depth in our research and in our understanding of the testing world.

Download the full report and feel free to share it around – that’s sort of the point, to share these insights and better serve our profession worldwide.


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The Multilingual State of Testing –

Multilingual State of Testing ReportThe State of Testing Report has been well received around the globe, and is available in the following languages as well:

What is the State of Testing?

The State of Testing™ seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices, and challenges facing the testing community in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards improvement.

The final report is translated into several languages and shared globally, further expanding the reach and impact this report has on all of us in the QA world.

This is the 5th year that the QA Intelligence Blog is running this survey in collaboration with TeaTime with Testers, and with your help,  it can be bigger and more comprehensive than in previous years.

Each year the amount of participants has increased, and the final reports become even more valuable as a culminated reflection of testing trends, challenges, and characteristics.

Previous reports:

A big thanks to this year’s review committee, for their valuable input and suggestions regarding the structure and the questions in this survey.

Jerry Weinberg, Derk-Jan de Grood, Maria Kedemo, Helena Jeret, Alan Page, Brent Jensen, Eran Kinsbruner, Bas Dijkstra,  Erik Proegler, Kristel Krustuuk, Gerie Owen, and Nermin Caluk.