Lessons learned the hard way

Sometimes a blog posts really hits a nerve.
When Joel’s whimsical blog post: “Letter to a starting tester” got a staggering amount of comments, reactions, tweets and shares, it was obvious he had stumbled upon something of interest, that should be explored further.

To shortly recap, the blog post was a personal letter PractiTest‘s solution architect Joel Montvelisky composed to his younger tester self, with hind-sight advice he wished he had known at the time. These “lessons learned the hard way” had triggered several of you to respond and add advice of your own.

So why not share your advice for the greater good of the testing community?

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Here are some of the most prominent pieces of advice collected and suggested continued reading on some on them.

  • Always get a second opinion: Ask your team about the product, after getting an explanation from one, go ahead and ask another one. Compare the two, then return with your new understanding to the 1st person.
    Contributed by: @halperinko



  • Read and share: Contentiously expand your knowledge by reading test related blogs and resources. Seek out other testers you can talk too, look for them and share your knowledge and questions.
    You might also be interested in The ones who never stop learning new stuff
    Contributed by: @mirjanakolarov



  • Become a mentor: yoda.1The only thing better than having a mentor, is becoming a mentor. Even if you feel you don’t have enough knowledge on the product or on working methodologies – you should already start mentoring newer newcomers. Having to explain to others is a form of “practice” for the theoretical knowledge you just gained – forcing you to process is and by that – assimilate the knowledge.
    Contributed by: @halperinko


  • Embrace changes: As a tester you will often find gaps in your QA process. Strive to work in a team or form one as team leader, which loves to introduce new processes to improve the quality.
    Contributed by: Ashish B.


One last piece of advice…(from us)

thumbsupSeveral comments the previous blog post received raved about this sort of “letter to my early tester self” as a great exercise they are using or plan to use in their own test teams. We think this is great!

True, there is a great deal of knowledge out there, but our own experiences are a solid place to start our journey to improvement.

Don’t be shy –

If you have any more insightful advice you think would be relevant feel free to add in your comment.

Of course you are encouraged to share and pass this advice onto others.




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