Sharing tests between projects

Often, our users want to re-use their tests for different projects in PractiTest. For example, you might be opening a different project for a new product, but the tests you are using for your old product are still relevant. In such cases you can simply clone your tests from one project to another, using the clone functionality available in the Test Library.
Cloning your tests
  1. In the Test Library, select the checkboxes for the tests you would like to clone.
  2. Once selected, click on the “Clone Tests” link above the grid.

Shring tests image

  1. In the page that opens, you can edit the tests’ fields by selecting the checkbox next to the field you would like to change, and then selecting the desired value. Keep in mind that this value will change for each one of your cloned tests.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select the “Clone tests to a different project” checkbox. This will open a drop-down menu from which you can choose where to copy these tests to.
  3. Click the “clone” button.


Important Notes:
  • In order to be copied correctly, your custom fields should have identical names and values in both projects. These values are also case sensitive, so you must pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters as well.
  • When requesting to add a new project, you can ask for that project to have identical fields and values. This will ensure that when you clone tests between projects, all the details will be transferred correctly.