Copy Step

When creating new tests or editing existing tests, it is possible to copy test steps from other existing tests, or from the same test, in the Test Library. This feature can save time by reusing already well defined test steps and is available for Enterprise and Ultimate users.

Copying steps from one test to the other –

In the Test Library > Create a new test/ Edit an existing test.

If you have added a new test be sure to name it and add relevant information in the Custom fields, Then go to the Steps tab. Instead of adding a new step manually, click on “Copy step here“.


Copy test steps from a test by entering its test ID and step number and pressing “submit”, or by selecting “Show tests”. When you press 'show tests', a pop-up window will appear with all your tests (including the exisiting test if you saved it). Here you can expand each test to choose the test step you want to copy to your test.

choose a step




The copied step will appear within your steps tab with all its information including attachements.



When running your test, the step will appear as usual with all its relevant information