A trend is better than a snapshot, right?

Every tester knows that a trend graph is better than a snapshot graph, right?

This is why when we came up with the idea of the State of Testing project, together with our friends from TeaTime with Testers, we decided up front that this would be a yearly project.  This way we would be able to understand where the testing community is today, and also to learn where are we heading in the future. We see a great importance in improving the knowledge regarding software testing and its professionals.


We are getting ready to open the 2015 State of Test Survey to the public towards the end of next week.

Our biggest challenge, just like every year, is to reach as many testers and test manager as possible and this is why we are asking for all the help we can get!

If you can help us to spread the word by publishing a post on your blog or website about the State of Testing we will be more than happy to add your blog to our collaborating blog posts wall.  We will also give you advanced access to the survey results a couple of days before they are published worldwide, so that you can prepare a short post about it if you wish.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to help, or if you have any ideas or questions about the survey!

About PractiTest

Practitest is an end-to-end test management tool, that gives you control of the entire testing process - from manual testing to automated testing and CI.

Designed for testers by testers, PractiTest can be customized to your team's ever-changing needs.

With fast professional and methodological support, you can make the most of your time and release products quickly and successfully to meet your user’s needs.


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