Your next testing progress report

I want to thank Seth Godin for this particular post 🙂Testing progress report- sleeping workers

Next time you are sitting in a project meeting, and you are asked to give a report of your testing progress, please think twice about what you are going to say.

Just as Seth wrote on his post, I am not sure that your project team is interested in hearing about all the tests you and your team ran last week.

Instead, why not concentrate on the things that are important to them:

  • The big new issues your testing found, specially if they are still open.
  • The bugs that should have been closed but are still waiting resolution.
  • The tests that for some reason you have not been able to run, and the reasons why they haven’t run them.
  • The risks that are open and those you foresee will materialize soon
  • The interesting things and the achievements of your team.
  • And finally, as Seth wrote (today I feel like a complete copy-cat): All the things that are not in your list of things to do, but you and your team should be doing.

As a reader of Seth’s blog for a number of years, what he didn’t write in his post is that the less (irrelevant) data you communicate, the more importance you will be able to attach to each piece of valuable information…

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