Letter to a starting tester

When I was beginning my work as a rookie tester I really had the need for a mentor to help me get started in this journey, especially during some of my moments of doubt. And so, I decided to write here the email I would have sent to myself back when I started testing to help me cope with some of the main challenges ahead.

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What do you wish for when you reach 1,000 subscribers?

If you’re new here subscribe to our blog for updates directly to your Email – see the box to your right >> The QA Intelligence blog was created in hopes to become a helpful resource for testers and QA managers on all sorts of testing related matters from technical tips to soft skills and everything in between. Subscribe now on the […]

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State of Testing Survey is now live!

  Ready to find out what challenges and best practices are top-of-mind for your peers in 2015? It only takes 10 min. to contribute to the improvement of your testing community.  ……….. Find out how your peers test! Created by QA Intelligence blog and in collaboration with Tea Time with Testers  the survey was made by testers for testers and seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices and challenges […]

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A trend is better than a snapshot, right?

Every tester knows that a trend graph is better than a snapshot graph, right? This is why when we came up with the idea of the State of Testing project, together with our friends from TeaTime with Testers, we decided up front that this would be a yearly project.  This way we would be able […]

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Best practices you can learn from watching Big Bang Theory

They  say don’t mix business with pleasure, but a few days ago the two mixed all on their own while I was watching a re-run of the big bang theory. Rather than letting my mind escape into mind numbing television, I found myself pondering professional aspects of software testing. Here’s what triggered this blog post, […]

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Bringing manual and automated testing together

The following is a Guest Blog Post by Cullyn Thomson from Tellurium.  You can follow Cullyn on Twitter at @CullynT and Tellurium at @te52app, and we also suggest you visit the Test Talk blog. You can also read more about Tellurium – “Plain English” automated testing tool – from their site http://www.te52.com ========= Looking back on the history of software testing, automated testing isn’t actually brand new. […]

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