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Testing Talk Interview Series- Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is the leading cloud-based web and mobile application automated testing platform. Its secure and reliable testing infrastructure enables users to run functional tests written with Selenium and Appium, eliminating the time and expense of maintaining a in-house test grid. 1. Please tell us about yourself. Try naming two interesting things not everyone knows […]

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Should all testers have OCD?

  Vocational Psychology is a field in which when selecting the right job for a person, psychologist’s search for a match between a person’s personality and the job requirements. There are a number of additional factors such as the required skills, abilities, work environment, person’s family conditions and many more.   In the Testing Community […]

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In the Automated Testing Kitchen

The following is a Guest Blog Post by Scott Andery. Scott Andrey is an expert marketer, author and consultant who specialize in software testing tools and resources. You can follow him on Tweeter: @ScottAndery   Automated testing can be complicated. Why not simplify things by associating a harmless food name with something related to automated testing? The name will […]

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