Impressions from QA&TEST 2014

If you’re new here subscribe to our blog for updates directly to your Email – see the box to your right >> The 13th International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems 22-23-24 October – Euskalduna Conference Centre Bilbao, Spain   I am very pleased to have been able to re-attend this year’s QA&TEST […]

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What’s your testing approach?

Too often we complain about our daily routine. We wake up most everyday of the week and go through the same motions and home and at work. Our mood might change, so we approach our daily tasks differently perhaps, but the routine remains the same. However, this is not a bad thing! You don’t realize […]

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Don’t write a single test! Until you know how to do it

Test case maintenance is one of those tasks that gets relegated from release to release, causing your testing repository to becoming too large to manage and too complex to work with effectively. The best approach to avoid this is by putting in place processes and rules of thumb to help your testers work better and keep your tests under control as an on-going task.

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Do you talk the talk?

A couple of nights ago my husband, who is a civil engineer, asked “What are you working on?“. “Oh, just reading this article about Agile Testing and Continuous Integration” I replied off hand. To what he replied [in a cautious tone]: “OK… That sounds interesting, I guess…” . It is a known fact that every profession has it’s […]

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What you measure will improve

It is a simple and yet mostly forgotten fact that whatever you measure will improve. Still, most testers don’t take advantage of this principle in order to help their testing process and the overall status of their projects. This post is about how you can use measurements in your favor and even on some of the drawbacks that you need to take into account when working with public metrics.

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Nothing like a fresh start

With the beginning of the school year for my kids I realized that we all need that feeling of a fresh start in our work and project. Many times we feel stuck by actions and choices we made in the past and we should be able to find a way to leave this emotional subjective oppression on the side. I believe we can do it if we are just aware of this, and if we take some actions on our part to make things better.

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