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winter giveaway

PractiTest End of the Year Giveaway

Choose your 2015 QA Intelligence blog champion!   It has been a great year of blog posts and we are happy you liked, re-tweeted and shared them. Our top blog had more than 250 sharing! To say thanks we would like to give back with a fun winter giveaway! All you need to do is choose your favorite post […]

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What’s you favorite curse word?

Are you familiar with”Inside the Actors Studio“?  In his program James Lipton always asks his guest Bernard Pivot’s 10 Questions to help the audience get a more personal perspective of the Actor. Out of these questions (one of which is the title of this blog post), the following two questions are the ones that always resonate with […]

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When testing is not only your day job

So often we are defined by our jobs, what we “do” becomes who we “are”. In the best case scenario we enjoy what we do, it suits our capabilities and fulfills our life style demands. As mentioned previously in this blog,  testing as not only a job, but also a field of work that attracts […]

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Lessons learned the hard way

Sometimes a blog posts really hits a nerve. When Joel’s whimsical blog post: “Letter to a starting tester” got a staggering amount of comments, reactions, tweets and shares, it was obvious he had stumbled upon something of interest, that should be explored further. To shortly recap, the blog post was a personal letter PractiTest‘s solution architect Joel Montvelisky […]

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