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Process Quality Feedback and Escaping Defects

I was visiting friends and family last week in Costa Rica. Even though there is a growing software industry in there, my non-technical childhood friends only know that I work in “something related to computers” and for them that means I do everything from installing printers to writing the software for the space shuttle program. […]

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rules of thumb

Testing Outputs that generate added value to the Organization

Last week we reviewed the operational inputs of the software testing process. This week we should complete the picture by reviewing its outputs. As part of our analysis we identified six channels that provide input to the testing process (Requirements, Scheduling, Designs, Risks, Defects, and Organizational Feedback); output channels are less in number but bigger […]

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Testing Inputs or how to avoid driving your process with your eyes shut

Back in school we learned that each process has inputs and outputs. Inputs provide the information and feedback needed to define the internal operations of the process, while outputs specify the deliverables that are handed out. Some of the biggest process mistakes result from not identifying or failing to correctly map these inputs and outputs. […]

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