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This 8 min routine has made me a more accurate and productive tester!

This 8 min routine has made me a more accurate and productive tester!

Good testing requires skills, concentration, knowledge, even a bit of luck. I wrote some time back about I always try to work while being in my Testing Zone and I think this is one of the most important ways of improving your testing, especially in this age of open spaces and noisy environments. But just like […]

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bug hunt

What to pack when you go bug hunting?

Bug Hunting Bug Hunting is common practice for many testing organizations worldwide, yet some test managers wrongly feel they go Hunting when their testers informally play with the application in order to find “border-case defects”. What are bug hunts? and what are they not… Bug Hunts are Informal Testing exercises; this should not be mistaken […]

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Fall 2017 OTC

The Third Online Testing Conference

I Love Testing Conferences! Testing Conferences open your mind to new techniques, you learning about new tools, get to know other testers, and the overall feeling of being part of something bigger & better… Ever since I attended my first StarEast, some 16+ years ago, I love going to testing conferences! Since then I’ve attended a […]

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conferences you should attend

Recomended Testing Conferences you can’t afford to miss

Are you part of the 38%? In early 2017 the state of testing report was released showing, among many other interesting facts, that 38% of the respondents attended a testing conference in the past year.  This is the 4th year we have been running this survey and it keeps growing year after year, allowing us to show an increasingly accurate […]

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