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Hello, Dear Testers of the World!

While a new blog post from me has been long overdue, don’t be mistaken, I have just been very busy (all good things), and now am ready to share it all with you. Well, almost all, wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise (but I’ll get to that later)…

Joel presenting at conference

So as you know, beyond being a QA blogger, I am also the Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. My “day job” has recently required me to travel a-l-o-t. Meeting clients from all over the world, discussing their current challenges, offering solutions and so on as well as speaking at several events such as: TestLeadershipCongress, UK star and meetups in London and Reading.

It’s always great meeting peers and contacts face-to-face after developing long distance email relationships (some of them for the first time after many years of working together).  It reassures my notion that we are all in the same professional boat, navigating the uncertain sea of technology and progress.

Finally meeting Lalit after 8 years working together

In fact, this notion reaffirms the importance of the State of Testing Project, which has now entered its 5th year!   A worldwide survey that helps reflect on the current and future trends, challenges and practices that sit heavy on our minds and occupy our time as testing and QA professional. This past survey had over 1,500 people providing answers from all levels and fields, and from over 80 countries!

You can read more about this project and view past report HERE

These days the 2018 State of Testing Report is soon to be released and will take center stage in another project I started the OnlineTestConf – The first 100% online testing conference.

OnlineTestConfThe 4th Online Testing Conference will take place June 19-20th, 10:00 (EST) / 16:00 (CET). This is a great opportunity for anyone involved in testing and quality to grab a virtual front-row seat at some great sessions, with renowned as well as new speakers. This year’s conference grapples with such subjects as Professional Development, Biases in Testing, Progressive app testing, Continuous Testing, and much more.

And as mentioned, the 2018 State of Testing report will be the subject of one of the sessions, with a professional panel: composed of Alan Page, Brent Jenses, Lalitkumar Bhamare and myself who will be discussing the most interesting findings, even if we might disagree on their meaning. Sounds like fun, right? I sure look forward to it, and hope you join me 🙂

One last thing I would like to share (well almost share) is a new top secret project I have been working on together with the great testers, speaker, writer (and virtual-friend!) Rob Lambert, which we will be unveiling during the second day of OnlineTestConf – in the obscure session we have for now title “Testing F.A.Q’s”. So while I can’t say much more about this new project, other than inviting you to the session, I can leave you with a slight hint – Your commute to work is about to get interesting…

See you there!

See the full program and then save your seat HERE 

I’m off to catch my next flight 🙂
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