Why Testing? I enjoy the interaction with all the Stakeholders

My friend Rob – the Social Tester – came up with another idea for an ebook (Really! How does this guy come up with such cool ideas all the time – this is me jealous of Rob!).

Rob is asking testers to write up post it notes with why they like testing and send them to him.

So last night I spent about 45 minutes contemplating this question, and when I didn’t come up with anything useful I just went to see re-runs of Tourchwood…

But this morning I had one of those EUREKA moments, and all of a sudden every became clear once more.

enjoy_testingI enjoy the interaction with all the project stakeholders, from customers and product owners and all the way to developers and project managers.  I like the fact that my job is to work real close with all of them and serve as a bridge that allows the project to get done correctly.

I also enjoy the hunt, and the adrenaline of the projects, etc.  But specifically about testing it is the pivotal role within the organization.

This means I can send my picture to Rob.  Now it’s your turn to think about it, write it down and send the picture to Rob too.
Why do you like Testing???

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  1. Rob Lambert February 25, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    Hi Joel,

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for the sticky. I must admit I also enjoy the interaction with customers. One thing I missed off my sticky note.


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