Why Software SUCKS…

I just finished reading a book that EVERYONE who has anything to do with the software development process needs to read ASAP (and I mean, before you write your next line of code or perform your next tests).

The name of the book is

Why Software SUCKS… and what you can do about it

why software sucks

by David S. Platt

(you can read the first chapter here for free)

First of all, I need to thank my friend Arie for recommending it. And if you go and read it after this article tell me what you thought about it.

The book is not intended for developers or tester (I guess it is, but in a very sutile way), but for users of Software Products; and it explains with a lot of humor and good examples why the software products we write don’t do the things their end-users expect them to do.

(Spoiler Alert: I’m going for the bottom line of the book here, so decide whether to skip this paragraph) The author says, and I agree with him, that the main problems is that (many) programmers write software that they like and not software their customers will like, thinking that “If I design something that I like, the user will surely love it!”, which most times is absolutely wrong!
I specially liked a phrase he repeats many times: “Know Thy User, for He Is Not Thee”, I’m gonna print it and hang it in my office

The book is not long, so it should not take you long to read it. You can also read chapters 1, 2, 4 & 5 quickly and leave the rest for later…

All in all I did enjoy all the book, even though I am less of an MS fan and the author is. I love my Mac as well as my 2 Win PCs, each for their own strengths.

One thing for sure, it gave me a good perspective to understand how each of us needs to go about our jobs. You can say that this is nothing new since we talk about it constantly, but it gave me more practical ideas on how to write and test based on what our users are expecting us to do.

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