When you think you’ve done enough, go for a walk and then think again

Many times when I need to write a new Test Case, run an Exploratory Testing task, or even write a new post for this site, there is a moment when we think I’m done, but deep inside I feel that I might have missed something important.

At these times I usually do a break and either go to a meeting, take on another short assignment, or simply take a walk outside to clear my head; and by the time I’m back I can retake my task find the areas where I still have work to complete.

I think that there is nothing like perspective to help us find our mistakes or the things where we can improve our work.  We use this principle all the time when we do peer reviews and walk-troughs, and even outside of work when we talk to a friend about stuff that bothers us… We use distance and perspective to look at the same problem from a different angle.

Still, you can gain distance and perspective even by yourself; you only need to find a way to switch context and return to your task from a different point of view than the one you were when you left.

This is one of those intuitive, simple and effective things that many of us forget to use.

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