What’s your testing approach?

testing approach routineToo often we complain about our daily routine. We wake up most everyday of the week and go through the same motions and home and at work. Our mood might change, so we approach our daily tasks differently perhaps, but the routine remains the same. We typically take the same highway route to work, choose the same places for lunch, and surprisingly or not, return to the same wife.  However, this is not a bad thing!

You don’t realize how great routine can be until it is gone or taken away, and I don’t mean because you’ve gone on vacation. Any visit to a friend who had admitted to a hospital will help you remember this.  We are creatures of habit, and rightly so. Routine gives us structure and makes us feel safe, confident and is comforting. The same applies to our work practices and the routine approaches we use on the job.

This got me thinking about our different testing approaches as testers, and how they dictate the routine of our work. While we probably vary in our approaches, we all have the same professional goal – to do the best job possible, “leave no bug unturned”. So what is your testing approach?

For instance, when you get a new feature you :
1. Go over the documentation for it
2. Run a short exploratory testing session to get to know it first hand
3. Create some high level or low level testing scenarios for it
4. Run your scenarios while taking notes on how to improve them
5. Run a short session with your team to give your feedback on the feature, its stability and some functional improvement ideas
Then, move on to the next feature…

Here is another related example:
Test Plan Recipe for a Mixed Formal & Informal Testing Approach

What are your successfully proven routines?

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