The State of Testing Survey 2013: Recent developments

State of Software Testing 2013 – Webinar Transcript

One of the greatest developments that the State of Testing Survey generated was this one of a kind webinar with star panelists:

Jerry Weinberg Jerry Weinberg

fiona charles

Fiona Charles


The main goal of the webinar was to perform a review of the State of Testing Survey, and together with the help of Jerry and Fiona, analyze some of the main results gathered from this first edition of the survey. This was a great opportunity to understand some important trends that are shifting the practical reality of our profession.

Read webinar transcript or view full webinar recording


State of Testing Survey report- Now in Japanese!

When we initiated the State of Testing 2013 survey together with “Tea Time with Testers” we never could have imagined it would go this far (literally and geographically).


A couple of months ago we were approached by Mr. Keizo Tatsumi from Japan who appreciated the effort and information the State of Testing Survey provided. Given the “isolation” of the testing community in Japan from the “English speaking” testing community worldwide, he thought it worthy and important to translate the survey report into Japanese so he could share it’s insights within the Japanese testing community.

You can download the Japanese version here

This recent development is a great example of several points to ponder upon:

  • How we truly work in a globalized environment.

    It is amazing how technology has enabled industries big and small to work beyond their geographical borders. Working with distributed teams  is not only a time and money saver (when dine correctly), it is also a trend that unifies work practices across the globe, which in turn improves those practices in an upward cycle.

testing community

  • Testers are truly a community

    As a community we face common challenges and share a passion for professionalism and ambition to continuously improve.  We may speak different languages but we speak the same professional language, which characterizes us as a group. That means we can and should rely and learn from each other to help reach our collective professional goals.


  • The importance of ventures such as The State of Testing Survey

    Such ventures help reflect and identify the possible points for improvement. This also relays on sharing insights we gather with the rest of our fellow testers. So you are welcome and advised to share the recent survey report with your circle of testers, and add any comments you might have on the points raised here.

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