The State of Testing Report 2019 is out! This is the 6th yearly edition!

The State of Testing Report for 2019 is out!

It is really exciting to announce that we are releasing the State of Testing Report for 2019, with great information about where the community is investing our testing efforts, how are we testing (same vs different), what are our current challenges, and where are we headed in the coming years.

Even after working on the editorial committee for 6 years, I still find the Report interesting and at times even surprising.

There is something about understanding how the testing-collective is working, that provides you with (sometimes) reassurance that you are on the right track, but also (other times) it reminds you that if you stay still for too long and do not leave your comfort zones – and we all have them! – then you are going to get stuck in the past and become irrelevant.

Download the 2019 State of Testing report here

The path is one of evolution and not of revolution

There is an advantage to running the survey for 6 years in a row.  We are able to see how the Tectonic Plates of Testing shift slowly but surely towards a new reality.

We are all aware of these changes, but paying attention to the numbers and the answers makes us look at the way we test differently and highlights the evolution and change over the years of what skills a tester must have.

What has changed in the last couple of years?

I get asked this questions often in the context of the SoT (State of Testing), and my answer is to point towards how we are doing more and more tasks that used to be defined as not traditional for testers, and today they are becoming more of our bread and butter.

Things like coordinating deployments and environments, managing the different gates of the process, monitoring production environments, etc.  They are showing our expansion towards production.

On the other hand, the way we are more and more involved with user stories and how we are interacting with customers and Product Owners shows how we are also involving ourselves with the business side of the operation.

Overall, I think this is pointing at how we are finally starting to focus on the holistic concept of product and process quality (in the eyes of our users) and shifting away from simply testing (not that testing is simple in any way, don’t get me wrong!)

What about the future?

This is another interesting question for sure!

But one that I will leave for another occasion to review 😉

Download the 2019 State of Testing report here

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