Testing is changing, and that is a good thing!

Sometimes we are too busy to notice what is happening around us.

After all, we are overflowed with work, while still trying to have a family life, and if you still have some time left, you’d want to spend it on some of those things you used to do (a number of years ago) but have not gotten around to lately…

Hey, but let’s not complain about it, busy is good!

I’ve been traveling around lately

As part of my work in PractiTest I get to travel around lately.

Joel presenting at conferenceMostly I go and visit our customers around the world, to learn how they are working and build a product that answers their needs.  But I also get to participate in conferences once in a while.

Earlier in June I had the pleasure of attending the Test Leadership Congress, organized by the talented Anna Royzman, and then, later on, we hosted the OnlineTestConf, and among the rest of the topics people were talking about, there was an underlying mention of the changes taking place in the world of testing.

The results from the latest State of Testing report indicate that the interesting and reassuring thing is that these changes are not only in theory, or happening only in some isolated teams and companies. As I said above, I also travel to visit PractiTest’s customers, and I was able to see in some of these visits indications of these same changes happening in parallel in a number of places.

What changes are these?

These are subtle changes in some places and more radical changes in others.

We see testers already absorbed within Agile or Scrum teams, working shoulder-to-shoulder with developers and PO.  Starting to teach testing to their teammates in order to leverage all the available resources of the team.

In many places, CI and even CD are not a theoretical practice anymore, and products are undergoing (some or a lot of) testing with every commit.

It is refreshing to see the conversations around Quality expanding towards metrics in production in some companies.  Together with the non-trivial challenges of “learning how to measure the pressure of the tires, replace the ones that are defective, and keep your eyes on the road, while at the same time traveling at 65 MPH…”

I get to see testers who define themselves as “not really technical” working normally with postman in order to run their “regular” API tests.

Not to mention that place where I was talking to a tester, only to be interrupted by a member of her team asking about a fix she did to correct a bug in the code as part of her testing, and that was being pushed at that time to production.

Change is slow, but the wheels are turning

changes in testingI do not like revolutions.  I think they are noisy and many times fail to meet their goals.

What I like is evolution, and this is what I am seeing out there.

Testing is evolving into Quality.

The way we used to work 10 or even 5 years ago is not how we need to work today!

Of course, some organizations take longer to move than others (and this is not always related to their size), but I don’t think many of us are still working in those Testing Silos, completely separated from our developers, and in charge of catching all the bugs in the product, anymore.

Open your eyes and ears, learn how you can accelerate this change in your advantage

One of the most refreshing things happening around this “change” is that we are allowed to bring more ideas, to experiment with them and innovate.  It is literally up to us to push ourselves forward with this change or remain moving slowly on the inertial current of the industry.

Go ahead and make your change!

You do not need to discover it on your own, open your eyes and ears!  Check some of the podcasts around, see some of the recorded presentations provided by the conferences, join one of the countless online communities of testers…  The amount of information and ideas is practically endless and available to you, for free, to use it and abuse it as much as you want.

And most importantly, I wish you good luck in your path, wherever it takes you!

About PractiTest

Practitest is an end-to-end test management tool, that gives you control of the entire testing process - from manual testing to automated testing and CI.

Designed for testers by testers, PractiTest can be customized to your team's ever-changing needs.

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