Testing can sometimes be a lonely job

lonely tester

Testing can sometimes be a lonely job.

Testing can sometimes be a hard job.

Testing can sometimes be an unpopular job.

Testing can sometimes seem like a side job.

Testing can sometimes feel like an irrelevant job.

Testing can sometimes sound like a boring job.

Testing can sometimes be portrayed as a job with no future.

Testing can sometimes sound like a job to stay away from.



But remember that testing is Your Job.

The way other people think about it, talk about it, refer to it, and portray it comes only from their poorly informed frame of reference.

More often than not they will be plain out WRONG.



Good testing is not simple.

Good testing is challenging.

Good testing requires you to understand more than most people in your team.

Good testing forces you to make choices.  Sometimes hard choices.

Good testing requires both knowledge and experience.

Good testing will help your Organization to deliver value.

Good testing will be needed for a long time to come.



achieve testingBe Professional.

Be Passionate.

Be Determined.

Be Smart.

Work hard.



Question yourself often, but only in order to improve what you are doing.

Think about why you are testing, think about what value you want to bring to the equation, and be sure of yourself.



It is not what the others say or think, it is about what you do.

You do not need to prove them wrong,
just make sure to do your job right.



Remember you are also part of a big community that will always be here to help.

Be A Proud Tester.

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  1. Testfort January 16, 2020 at 7:24 pm #

    Sure, that article is quite unique. If anyone changes testing to ”coding” or ”design” he will understand how difficult, exciting and interesting his work is. So, that’s why it so unique.

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