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mindful testing

Mindful Testing – something like meditation for your testing project

Sounds funny, maybe weird?  Well, I think it is a little bit of both… But it is definitely important! Have you ever heard of the new mindfulness? If you go to everyone’s best friend, Wikipedia, you will see a very accurate definition: Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in […]

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Fall 2017 OTC

The Third Online Testing Conference

I Love Testing Conferences! Testing Conferences open your mind to new techniques, you learning about new tools, get to know other testers, and the overall feeling of being part of something bigger & better… Ever since I attended my first StarEast, some 16+ years ago, I love going to testing conferences! Since then I’ve attended a […]

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Joel presenting at meet up in london

It’s a Small (Testing) World After All

Hello Testers of the Free World 🙂 I am still trying to catch my breath after spending the past few weeks in “travel mode”, but I wanted to sit down and share a cool observation from my interaction with a large number of testing teams we visited and some individual testers I talked to from the Meetups we attended. […]

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