State of Testing Survey 2019

State of Testing 2019

2019 State of Testing™ is now live – and there are tons of things you can learn from it.
PractiTest and TeaTimeWithTesters are happy to present the 6th edition of the yearly state of testing™. The state of testing™ brings not only rough data and numbers, but also clarifies trends that are relevant to everyone seeking a future in the QA world.
Download it now and discover:

  • What you could be earning?
  • Leading successful testing practices and methodologies
  • What skills should you be acquiring today to stay relevant tomorrow?
  • And more…
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What is the State of Testing™?

The State of Testing™  initiative seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices, and challenges facing the testing community today in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards improvement.

The final report is translated into several languages and shared globally, further expanding the reach and impact this report has on all of us in the QA world.

Each year the amount of participants has increased, and the final report becomes even more valuable as a culminated reflection of testing trends, challenges, and characteristics.

The Multilingual State of Testing –

Multilingual State of Testing ReportThe State of Testing Report has been well received around the globe, and is available in the following languages as well:




View previous reports:

A big thanks to this year’s review committee, for their valuable input and suggestions regarding the structure and the questions in this survey (by no specific order):
Lisa Crispin, Damian Synadinos, Keizo Tatsumi, John Thomas, Anna Roysman & Huib Schoots.


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