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state of testing report 2017

2017 State of Testing report is out – The largest State of Testing survey ever!

This year’s State of Testing survey has been the most successful yet, with roughly 1,600 responses from QA professionals worldwide (That’s 50% more responses than last year, if you like numbers). Many thanks go to our collaborators as well as to the global testing community for taking the time and thought to contribute.

You can now download the full report and feel free to share it around – that’s sort of the point, to share these insights and better serve our profession worldwide.

Download the 2017 State of Testing Report

The Multilingual State of Testing –

The State of Testing Report has been well received around the globe, and is available in the following languages as well:

With more on their way…

>>If you would like to translate the report into other languages – Email Us

What is the State of Testing?

The State of Testing is the largest annual survey that seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices and challenges facing the testing community in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards  improvement. It is the initiative of this QA Intelligence Blog and in collaboration with TeaTime with Testers.

The insightful final report is shared worldwide with the global testing community, partly thanks to our collaborating bloggers, media collaborators, online ‘word of mouth’ and reputation.

Each year the amount of participants has increased, and the final reports becomes even more valuable as a culminated reflection of testing trends, challenges and characteristics.

Past survey reports have even been translated into several languages and shared globally, further expanding the reach and impact this report has on all of us in QA.

Download the 2017 State of Testing Report

Previous reports:

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A big thanks to all our contributors

We want to thank all the QA & Testing bloggers for posting, tweeting and sharing, making this years’ survey the best so far!

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