State of Testing 2013 – Now in Japanese


“Knowledge makes the world go round”

One of the purposes of the QA intelligence blog is to share testing related insights  with the worldwide testing community.

It was delightful and surprising to be contacted by testers from Japan who were interested in translating our report (done in cooperation with Tea Time With Testers) so they could share it’s conclusions with the Japanese testing community.

This is testimony to the universal nature of the testing community, to which we are happy to participate and contribute to.

You can now download the Japanese version here:

state of testing survey

The following is a letter from the Japanese translation team:

In Japan, testers do not have many chances to know the situation of testers in other countries (mainly because of language issues;) therefore, when we read the State of Testing report, we thought it would be really great if we could translate the report and introduce it to Japanese testers.

To make the Japanese translation of the “State of Testing Survey 2013”, we created the task force for the translation, then got permission from Joel and Lalit.  They kindly let us to translate the report, and even provided the original data, so we could make the translated version on the same format.  We deeply appreciated for their help.

We are sympathized with Joel and Lalit’s passion for testing and its community written in “A short intro from the authors” of the State of Testing report.  Hopefully this translated report help Japanese testers to think about their current situation, and also we want it to be a trigger that make the testing and QA community in Japan to connect to the others in the world.


Japanese translation team

Keizo Tatsumi, Yumiko Fujisaki, Moeko Iijima, Noriyuki Nemoto, and Yoshiwo Yano.