We need your help to make the State of Testing survey a BIG success!

We aspire to make this survey represent the whole QA & Testing community, and for this we want to encourage the maximum number of testers from as many countries as possible to take part of it.


Here is how you can help us!

join usIf you have a blog, or if are active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or any other testing social network, or if you are part of a community (virtual or not); you can help us by:

– Creating a post on your blog or community pointing to the page of the survey.

– Posting a message on your social network (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc) pointing to the page of the survey with the #qasurvey hashtag

– Creating a small post on the community/forum you are part of pointing to the Survey’s page.

And you can obviously help us by sharing this survey at your workplace and with your testing friends!


What’s in it for you?

We appreciate your every help.  If you write a post in your blog or website pointing to the survey ,we will add your blog /site’s name and image (if you have one) at the bottom of the survey’s page (permanently, with a link to your blog post).   We will also add your blog or site name and logo to the bottom of the survey results report.

In addition to this, we will also send you the results of the survey a couple of days before making them public. This will give you a chance to write a blog about it if you wish to.

We will also create a list of all the people on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc that we see have shared links to the survey (and if we missed you, please let us know to add you to the list!).


Have some more ideas to help? Let us know!

We want to make this survey a huge success.

If you have any more ideas to help us or improve this survey please contact me directly to joel at practitest dot com.