Reading the signs on the wall

My laptop died today. It got stuck in mid work; I tried rebooting and it started displaying a consistent blue-screen with the message “Unmountable boot volume” written in bold white letters.

The annoying thing is that I saw it coming.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed that it had started getting extra hot after short amounts of time working (maybe one of the fans just went dead?), and last week I even told a friend that I was thinking of backing up my data and formatting my hard drive it since it was starting to get stuck.

Sometimes you feel thing starts going bad, but it’s only when they crash that you put all the warning signs together…

I think the same is true for many things, and I’ve seen it happen in multiple Testing & Development Projects.

I could start giving examples of how it evolves from consistent build slips and ends up with products released with large amounts of bugs and terrible overall quality; or I could talk about the cases where it starts by one tester showing late to work every day and ends up with the whole team quitting over a bad manager; whatever the case it is always a gradual process that gives multiple signs to whoever has his eyes open and is willing to see.

I won’t provide any do’s and don’ts today, my laptop died and I’m not a good mood :o(
Today I will only remind all of us that there are always signs on the wall; the problem (my problem!) is that we are too busy to read them when it can still make a difference (to our projects, to our teams, or to our laptops…)

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