Productivity Tip – Set a weekly meeting with yourself

One of my biggest on-going challenges is managing my time, tasks and obligations.

Between PractiTest’s Agile development process, overseeing the writing and executing of test cases, interacting with customers, collaborating with colleagues, and all the rest of the daily tasks, sometimes the week appears to fly-by and many things I planned to do become at risk of being left aside and forgotten.

Other than making sure all my tasks are managed in a single place (we use PractiTest to manage not only our bugs, but also our tasks and enhancement requests), I always set aside time once a week to review all my tasks, mails, meetings and obligations.

It may sound silly but to make sure I have the time and privacy to concentrate on my stuff I’ve scheduled a recurrent meeting with myself at the end of the working week.
During this time I go over all the tasks, inboxes, to-do lists, meetings, etc; and I am able to achieve 2 main things:
(1) Handle anything that I might have missed from the week that is ending
(2) Plan ahead my schedule and agenda for the week (or sometime weeks!) ahead.

For me having this time to make a stop at the rushing week and concentrate on evaluating and planning helps me to understand where I need to focus my time and even perform mini self-evaluations to understand if I’ve been misusing it, forgetting to handle important stuff, or simply prioritizing wrong between all the tasks that I have and those that suddenly appear.

I’ll be happy to hear if someone has additional tips on how to stay on top of everything!

About PractiTest

Practitest is an end-to-end test management tool, that gives you control of the entire testing process - from manual testing to automated testing and CI.

Designed for testers by testers, PractiTest can be customized to your team's ever-changing needs.

With fast professional and methodological support, you can make the most of your time and release products quickly and successfully to meet your user’s needs.

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