OnlineTestConf Dec 2019 – So that happened…!

Many years ago, before leaving Costa Rica for Israel, a friend gave me a postcard that read:

Carl Jung

“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know but need to know. Learn from them.”

Back then I didn’t know who Carl Jung was (hint – the sentences above was not his biggest achievement), but the phrase stuck with me, and it reminds me always to try and look at the positive side of people and situations, to learn from them.



I was again reminded of this phrase during the weekend, as I sat down to write this summary of the Fall 2019 OnlineTestConf and the first edition of our new Japanese OnlineTestConf.

Looking back, there really was something from each of the sessions that stuck with me and will change (hopefully improve) the way I look at “my testing” moving forward.

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My lessons learned


A Modern Tester with a Scrum Master hat

ana_mariaI’ve said a number of times in the past that I think good testers can make for great Scrum Masters, and during this session, Ana Maria Popa articulated this in a great way why this is the case.

She went on an interesting path by reviewing the #ModernTesting principles and using them as the anchor for her presentation, and I think it went a big way of hitting 2 birds with one stone!


Why we call it Big Data and how to test it

ali khalidWe’ve all have heard of Big Data and how it is important for the Industry.

Chances are you have also been the target of applied Big Data analytics by being implemented in via one of the countless marketing and sales campaigns that hit us in any of the virtual channels you use daily.

Ali Khalid basically gave two presentations in one during his chat.

The first was a general but thorough review of what really means Big Dat from the technical point of view.

The second session was built on the first one, and it went to cover the main testing areas for each of the sections he covered in his initial explanation.


No-nonsense test management, when “Testing is Everyone’s Responsibility”

Joel montveliskyIt is strange to say I learned something from “my” presentation but in all truthfulness every time I put together a presentation I do a lot of research and so I get to learn a ton of new things 🙂

When we say “Testing is everyone’s responsibility” we mean to say that more people will do the actual testing, but we forget the need for managing these actions.  And the fact that the testing will be done by a number of persons who are not formal testers means that we will need to manage this process in a different way than what we’ve done up to now.

Making this presentation made realize the size of the challenge of correctly managing to test in this new age…


Adidas Testing Platform: A transformation story

Jose Manuel SampayoHow technical can a sports shoemaking company be?  After hearing the stuff that Jose Manuel had to say the answer is extremely technical and complex!

Still, what I really learned from his session is the fact that even large IT organizations can be flexible enough in order to learn from many sources (even when some of them think they cannot co-exist with the other) and re-invent themselves as many times as needed in order to meet the needs of their business.


For the New Tester: Future-Proofing Your Career

Michael Bolton We asked Michael Bolton to talk to testers, both starting testers and those with some experience under their wings, to ensure we are all ready to cope with the changes and new challenges in our future paths.

He did not disappoint :-), talking about the different questions to ask ourselves, and the approaches to take in order to keep up with the changing times.



How to Continuously Clean up Your Continuous Testing Suite

ERAN KINSBRUNERI like simple ideas, especially when they are really important!

This is the case with the presentation by Eran Kinsbruner, a simple yet extremely important reminder that we need to know how to remove tests from our automation suits in order to keep them relevant and efficient.

He then went up to share some ways to determine how to find the tests to remove and make sure our runs are kept tidy and efficient!


The New Skill Set for the New Professional Testers

Sometimes we have last-minute changes in the schedule, and this time around we had a last-minute cancellation due to personal reasons of one of our presenters.

Being this the case I took the chance to give this presentation, that I gave earlier in the year, reviewing the reasons why testing is undergoing a current evolution (not revolution!) and how we can each define our desired skill set to keep being relevant in our profession.


The Test Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical

Thomas haverHow do you choose the framework that suits you?  How do you determine what to automate and what not to automate?  Is there such a thing as an automation effective metric?

Thomas Haver reviewed these and additional strategic and tactical aspects of his testing approach, for all of us to take and apply on our projects.


Being Mortal in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Raj SubrameyerThere are many ways in which AI affects our lives, and many ways in which it will make our testing even more complex than what it is today.

Raj Subrameyer gave a great talk explaining these points, reviewing a number of interesting and concrete examples, and reviewing some of the ways in which AI will impact testing for better and for worst in the coming years.


Empowering Women in Testing

Lisa Crispin, Lena Wiberg and Alex Schladebeck – Empowering women in testing

There is much to be done in order to deal with the many issues affecting equality for women in the workplace.  One place to start is by making sure this topic is pushed front and center, and this is what we wanted to do with this talk.

We invited 3 incredibly successful testers, who are also ladies, Lisa Crispin, Lena Wiberg, and Alex Schladebeck, to talk about this topic and share from their experience and advice on how to improve on the current state of our community.

Some points were around advice, and a number about open questions, but all of them are important to advance on this subject, that requires the attention of all of us (men and women!) in our teams and companies.


OnlineTestConf – JAPAN!

onlinetestconf japan

If you have been following me lately you know I’ve been involved with Japan a lot lately.

We introduced PractiTest to the Japanese market and so far it is going very well, which makes me fly more and be more involved with the local testing community.

During one of this visit last summer we came up with the idea of doing a version of the OTC for the Japanese testing community, this is how the OTC-JP project was born.

We have 4 sessions during this event, 2 were translated sessions by international speakers, Gerie Owen and Michael Bolton, and the other 2 were sessions by local testing experts Tsuyoshi Yumoto and Sam Yamashita.

Attendance was above our expectations, and feedback was really really good!!


Even after 7 times it still amazes me

This is the 7th time we run the OnlineTestConf and the first OnlineTestConf Japan.

Even after so many times we still get stressed when we are about to start, we feel like we are flying during the event itself, and we are blown away when the event is done and we review the numbers and the comments from the people who took place in the event.

Someone actually mentioned that as we had 4500+ subscribers (not including the 400+ subscribers to the JP OTC), we might be the biggest event in testing today. But in the end, it is not the numbers that motivate us, you can have tens of thousands of subscribers and as many attendees, but for me, it is the comments that make it all worth it.

Comments like:

“Thanks for organizing these 2 days full of learning and testing.”

“This is my first testing conference, I was not aware of all the different topics and the amount of learning to be gained!”

“I enjoyed it so much I am thinking about a topic to present in one of the future events…”

In short…

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