New Years Resolutions for Testers

So what can you do differently in 2020?

Our job as testers has a rhythm to it, we work in cycles much as the seasons of the year. Sometimes it’s a long process from start to finish and other times it’s quick agile sprint or even short check following a CI build. In any case it’s a process that relapses. So what can we possibly change? Turns out a lot!

Here is a compilation of  a few points to ponder about over your holiday season.  Get back to work motivated to work better and achieve more for yourself and your team.

  1. Ask Questions before it’s too late: Don’t assume! Make sure you understand everything (the user stories, requirements, or any other information you have about the feature) before building your tests.
  2. Listen to the users (more than developers): Always consider user stories as a priority to avoid getting swept away with development implementation details. Don’t get caught up (as a priority) with issues that aren’t relevant to the user’s experience.
  3. Learn something new: decide to read and participate in testing related blogs, forums and groups on a weekly basis to expand your knowledge. It will make your job more interesting and you will be a better tester for it.
  4. Document: Don’t wait to finish testing a feature to re-create your steps. Create high-level architecture diagrams for your solution and continuously document your steps on the go for easy reference and re-use. This will save time, and make sure fewer issues get overlooked.
  5. Don’t get emotionally involved: For instance when an issue you submitted is downsized from critical to “non-issue”. In general, try not to take your work critique as a personal insult. This will ensure better workplace relations and will help you focus on what you are hired to do.

Do you have a resolution list?
I encourage you to share it in a comment below, so we can all benefit.


Here’s to a great year of testing, innovation, and success in 2020!


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