Is software testing more about testing or programming?

Joel Montvelisky, Chief solution architect at PractiTest – test management tool, and Rob Lambert, Director of cultivated management, a tech consulting company with today’s topic: Is software testing more about testing or programming?

  • As the testing world evolves, the lines between tester and developers are starting to fade.
  • In the past, automation tests were used as an easier way to perform regression testing. Test automation evolved since then and became a big part of the testing process.
  • In today’s testing world, in order to write good test automation scripts, you need to have programming abilities.
  • You can use test automation in almost every aspect of the testing process: functional testing, load testing, stress testing, generating testing data, enabling testing environments, etc.     
  • Automation/scripting is a tool that should be used to save you time. It will not do the testing for you but will help in the checking process.
  • The testing process will never solely rely on automated tests. Some defects can only be found by a human interacting with a system.
  • Today, especially when working with SaaS environments,  the best use of a tester’s time is working on the instrumentation – creating alerts, parsing logs.
  • In the test automation process, the person that should dictate what work should be done is the tester, while the person that is doing the actual work should have programming abilities.
  • Collaboration between testers and developers can be the key for a great test automation process.
  • Developers that write automated tests can get familiar with the testing process, which will allow them to participate further in the process.
  • Writing a good script should be treated as a development project. You need to invest time in technology, tools, and planning, it should be modular and it should run with a good framework.    
  • If you think you can put in the effort, invest your time and learn how to code you should, but coding is not for everyone and you can have great value for your team regardless.
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