I had a really good time presenting at the SIGiST mini-track last night

Last night I was invited to give a presentation on the subject of Bugs as part of a SIGiST mini-track.

It’s not uncommon to enjoy a good presentation from the audience perspective.
I mean, you can find the subject of the presentation interesting and new, you can enjoy the way the presenter conveys the message, you can even relate to the person standing in front of the room and feel good only because it could be you instead of him conveying the same “intelligent message” to the audience.

But yesterday I had one of those special occasions when you feel good with the presentation and its dynamic from the Presenter perspective.  And don’t get me wrong, it is not that I have not had good presentations before, but yesterday it felt something slightly better; it was one of those sessions when you feel that you didn’t provide a presentation so much as you were able to facilitate a group discussion around a specific topic.

The subject was not new or particularly exhilarating, what more can you say or discuss about Bugs in Software Testing?  But mainly because of this reason and due to the dynamic I tried to carry throughout the session I think we managed to take this subject and instead of reviewing it from 20,000 feet in 45 minutes, we examined specific points of it with microscopic precision and based on the points of view and experience from some pretty sharp people (some of whom I knew previously, but other who I didn’t and was glad to meet for the first time).

So I wanted to thank Alon and guys from SIGiST and Sela for organizing the event; but I also wanted to thank the people who took part of it and made it a fun and learning experience for all of us.  Gil, Gaby, Tal, Yoav, Yaron, Avi, and the rest of the participants who I am obviously forgetting… thanks for the time and the experience.

Also, as promised, I am posting the presentation in the QA Resources page of our site in case you want to take a look at it.

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