How to share data generated by users in testing?

First of all, we want to thank our listener Patryk for suggesting this topic!  Guys, feel free to write to us with questions and ideas for topics to review!

Let’s start with a simple question, why do we need customer data? What’s wrong with the data we already have?

Why use customer data?

There are always gaps in the data you create yourself, always things that you don’t consider. Costumer data provides you with the nuances of customer usage of your system, it is accurate and is entered by the people that are using the system. It also helps with testing.

When doesn’t it make sense?

  • you have to be careful about the way you take the information out
  • sometimes you have other alternatives
  • can you sanitize the data?

Is it even legal???

  • Check with your legal team regarding the strictness of your privacy policy
  • It depends on your industry

How to get consent from them?

  • You should always ask consent from your customers
  • Explain your intentions and what can they gain from sharing the data

Is testing in production related to this?

It is related but not directly. It’s related in the sense that what we call ‘testing in production’ boils down to taking a load balancer and reroute part of the cause to a staging environment.

What about Alpha or Beta testing?

Alpha and Beta testing data is important and should be considered as user-generated data.

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