How to hire testers

Joel and Rob discuss some tips for hiring managers and testers both seeking the next best thing. Get the other side’s perspective to help move forward.

Defining goals:

Some thoughts for Hiring managers before hiring a tester.

  • Decide what problem you are trying to solve.
  • Acknowledge that automation is NOT a silver bullet for all your QA problems
  • Check if you need a swiss army knife or a top specific tool

Some thoughts for Testers before trying to get hired:

  • What do you want in next in your career?
  • You will need to decide stuff such as: what type of company do I want to work for, what I want to be doing, and more importantly what type of “boss” do I want to report to/ work with.
  • Strive to find a company and a manager that share the same values as you do.


Finding opportunities:

Hiring managers:

  • Advertising and attracting
  • Recruiters – appreciate THEIR return on investment
  • Job boards
  • Hire as fast as you can –  don’t take too long with the process
  • Always be on the lookout to recruit
  • Recommendations rock! it is worth relying on them.
  • Blend all of the above.


  • It is important to sell yourself correctly
  • Talk to everyone! Networking works.
  • Be patient. It can take time.



Hiring managers: “The Phone Interview”

  • Find people with a passion for testing – people want to work with people who are passionate about what they do
  • Alignment to company values and behaviors
  • Be flexible – conduct the call at appropriate time for the candidate
  • Structure the interview well
  • Send the candidate everything THEY need to know to succeed
  • Conduct in pairs to try and remove bias
  • Make Notes
  • Compensate for lack of visuals
  • Don’t eat or drink or use your phone

Testers: “The Phone interview”

  • Be prepared, it is not a trivial task
  • It is more about understanding what they want from you than providing textbook answers

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