Access personal settings

Within the Personal Settings you can enable MFA, reset your password, modify your personal information, including change a language, and define your email notifications.

User Settings

Enable MFA

From your personal settings you can enable/ disable MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for your PractiTest user.

Changing your Password


Passwords need to be 8-40 characters long. they’re case-sensitive, and need to include one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, a number and a special character.

To modify your password you need to type your current password once, and then the new password you want to set twice. If you don’t remember your current password you can use the reset password link available from the PractiTest Login screen

Modifying your personal information

Personal Information is provided by users during their first time they log in to PractiTest.


Here you can change the display name used by the system (in grids, comments, history entries, etc), the time-zone used to calculate the local time to display on time-related fields, and the language (Locale) you want to view the system by (English, Japanese or German). You can also add your profile picture (jpg, PNG or GIF) here to appear next to your display name.

If you are working with more than one PractiTest project, take into account that this information is the same for all your projects. Making a modification in one project will automatically be reflected in all additional projects where you are a member.

Personal API Token

Please Note!
In order to create a Personal API token for a user, the Account Owner must enable it through the Account Settings - manage users window. Read about it here.

After your account owner has enabled PAT (Personal API Token) for you, Press the show button. You can regenerate the token as long as PAT is still enabled for you.

Personal api token

To learn more about how to use API tokens, please go here

Personal Email Notifications

Email notifications are personal and per project; each user can set for himself when he wants to be notified and for what specific entities. Entities change notifications will be mailed up to a couple of minutes after the change was done.

TestSets & Runs notifications will be sent either when the test run status was changed or as a digest email of the last 10 minutes with TestSet or instances assigned to the user. Notifications about deletion are sent as a digest email as well.

Personal Notifications

If you are the user who did the change or the assignment to yourself, then you will not be getting these notifications since they are redundant in this case.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can activate PractiTest Keyboard shortcuts by ticking the enable box under your personal settings. To quickly view keyboards shortcuts list from anywhere in PractiTest press: SHIFT +?

Learn more


You can add issues to your project, without login in or even having an account, directly from your email.

Each project has a unique email address that you can send your bugs to via email from your PC, phone or tablet.

When you send an email to your project’s email address:

  • The email’s subject will be set as the Issue’s name.
  • The sender will be come the Issue author.
  • The email’s body will be the Issue description.
  • And all attachments will be uploaded to the issue.

Where do you find your project’s email address?

Go to your Project Settings -> Personal tab on the right hand side you will find your project’s unique email address.

Project's email address