Noosa Council Case Study

The IT team of Noosa council, Australia grew out of Excel and started using Practitest to streamline their QA efforts Having a local team sounds like something that makes your team work easier, well, not always. Noosa is exactly the case where having a small QA team located in the same place can become an obstacle.

The Challenge

Being a team of a few individuals sitting together and testing different products and platforms, the Noosa local government team used excel to manage their testing efforts. This sounds conventional but when getting to a point where they had to reuse test scripts, Excel just made their life and work harder having to waste time on copying and pasting tests for a second or third use. Assigning those tests to different team members was messy and inconsistent. Moreover, reporting their progress and complex reporting was almost impossible, blocking the possibility of understanding the progress and status of the tests.

The Solution

Looking for a solution, the Noosa team understood a SaaS tool is a must. When checking different tools, they tried PractiTest and immediately felt this will be the best fit for their needs and requirements. Being a completely SaaS tool meant the team will always be aligned one with each other’s work. It is a light tool that is suitable for a small yet professional team.

The PractiTest Benefits

Using PractiTest cut their time spent on side tasks (such as copying and cloning tests) completely; the structure of “Test Library” and “TestSets & Runs” and the hierarchial filter trees allows them to organize their data in a way they can reuse any script without working hard or risking losing important information. The advanced report engine clears up the necessary data and makes it available to all people involved; they now create reports based on the specific data they need, they schedule the reports to stay on top of the progress, they notify each other when a relevant report is out and more.

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