Creating your “Testing Zone”

Think about those testing sessions when you feel you are testing your best:
– How do you arrange your monitor/s?
– Where do you set your notebook?
– Do you like a quiet place or do you play loud music?
– Do you turn on the lights or prefer to test in the twilight?
– Can you do it on a crowded room or do you prefer to do it alone?


If you think about it, there is a specific atmosphere / way / routine that helps you test better.  For me it is when I am sitting alone in a room, with 2 monitors & my notebook on the right-hand side of the table, I take off my shoes, turn off the lights, put my headphones and play some loud 80’s music.  And if possible, my testing session will be even more effective if I do it any time before 11:00 am.  It took me some time to realize it but this is my testing comfort-zone, this is how I turn on my testing mojo.

Do you think this is weird?  Definitely not!

Next time you see a professional basketball game take a look at the guys throwing free-shots.  They all have a personal routine they follow EXACTLY STEP BY STEP every time before they throw their shot.  For each player this routine will be different, but they are all trying to achieve the same thing: clear out their minds and enter “the zone”.Free throw

I can even remember about entering “the zone” from an old 80’s movies, anyone here remembers a movie called Iron Eagle (and I don’t meant the sequel or it’s sequel sequel, but the original one)?
In this movie a teenager and an air force pilot steal two F16s to go and rescue the teen’s father who’s fallen behind enemy lines – if you haven’t seen it go and rent it.  In any case, this teenager is a great pilot, but in order to concentrate and fly his best he needs to put on his walkman and play some loud rock music (if I’m not mistaken he played something by Queen), this made him enter his “Jet Fighter Zone” and find his flying mojo.

So if you want to be good tester I suggest you figure out how to enter your Testing Zone, and remember that this is your own personal routing and not something you can copy from other testers.

Knowing how to test your best will not only allow you to be a better tester, it will also help you have more fun during your testing tasks.

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