Coffee, Nature & Software Testing…

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been a little busy on a couple of projects and some Testing & QA Seminars. But now we’re back, or not…

I’m actually in Costa Rica, as some of you might know I was born & raised here so this is kind of a friends & family trip but not only that.
The last time I was here a friend commented about the growing local software development industry and this got me thinking, so a couple of months ago I started doing a little research and decided to put together a half-day seminar around Testing Intelligence and some additional topics making waves in the world of testing today.

The “event” took place this last Friday and I was really surprised to see the amount of people who showed up.  We got to fill the conference room with close to 50 people (Testers, Managers, Developers, Analysts, etc) from about 20 different companies (Banks, Development Firms, Outsourcing Companies, Consultants, etc) who were all interested in learning more about how to develop their products more effectively by applying their Tests in a more focused and coordinated way.

For me it was a blast!  To be able to talk about Testing Intelligence and other testing topics with people from Costa Rica was really great; specially to understand that here, in a country that up to now I had linked only to Great Coffee and Breath-Taking Nature there is also a growing community of testers who share the same dilemmas, challenges and issues that I get to see all over the world.

I am really hopping to continue contributing and working with this testing community to help it grow and expand.  As I told them during the session, they are keeping awfully quite and they need open-up to online communities and all the additional sources of information around the Internet…just like this blog 🙂

So here goes for Costa Rica!  Here goes for excellent coffee, for green tracks along the volcanoes & beaches, and for a growing community of IT professionals (and specially their testers!).

Lastly I wanted to thank all the people who helped out on the organization of the seminar, and specially to Melissa Castillo who quietly and firmly made everything happen smoothly.  THANKS!!!

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