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Testing Talk Interview Series – QualiTest

QualiTest designs and delivers contextualized software testing solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets. QualiTest delivers results by combining customer-centric business models, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound comprehension of customers’ goals and challenges. 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Try naming two interesting […]

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Testing Talk Interview Series – Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile app quality, provides a hybrid cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab that enables mobile app development and testing teams to deliver better apps faster. The Continuous Quality Lab supports testing processes earlier and more often in the development cycle, giving way to faster feedback and improved time to market. 1. Tell […]

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Testing Talk Interview Series –

Testim is a web testing SaaS platform that is designed to significantly accelerate product development cycles by providing unmatched reliability, fast execution & powerful interface. 1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself – two interesting things that people don’t know about you? My name is Oren Rubin. I am the CEO & Founder […]

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Testing Talk Interview

test IO specializes in Continuous Testing in an agile development process. This form of software testing combines automated and human testing. With its test management system – offered as a 100% Software-as-a-Service – test IO provides support across the entire development process of a project. Please tell us about yourself. What are two interesting things […]

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Blaze Meter

Testing Talk Interview Series – BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is the leader in continuous performance testing for the continuous delivery era. They ensure the delivery of high- performance software by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against any mobile app, website or API on massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery. 1. Please tell […]

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