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Integrating Automation into the Manual Testing Process

The following is a guest post by Raj Subrameyer – Raj is an international keynote speaker, writer and tech career coach who helps people step into the leadership role of their dreams through his services and speeches. (More about the author below) Applications have drastically changed in the past decade in terms of functionality, complexity, and technologies […]

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In the Automated Testing Kitchen

The following is a Guest Blog Post by Scott Andery. Scott Andrey is an expert marketer, author and consultant who specialize in software testing tools and resources. You can follow him on Tweeter: @ScottAndery   Automated testing can be complicated. Why not simplify things by associating a harmless food name with something related to automated testing? The name will […]

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Bringing manual and automated testing together

The following is a Guest Blog Post by Cullyn Thomson from Tellurium.  You can follow Cullyn on Twitter at @CullynT and Tellurium at @te52app, and we also suggest you visit the Test Talk blog. ========= Looking back on the history of software testing, automated testing isn’t actually brand new. In fact, James Bach has written that the practice of test automation predates even the concept of “dedicated […]

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