Best practices you can learn from watching Big Bang Theory

They  say don’t mix business with pleasure, but a few days ago the two mixed all on their own while I was watching a re-run of the big bang theory. Rather than letting my mind escape into mind numbing television, I found myself pondering professional aspects of software testing.

Color coding chaos


Regardless of what methodology or test management tool your team might be using, there is always the quest to find a better way to manage and organize the QA process. Multiple test sets,  platforms and versions make for a very complex matrix of data that needs to me managed. One “best practice” that has always aided me in the past, ever since I was in high school in fact is color coding.


Not everyone is naturally prone to crave order. Some people are messy in life and at work, but they have a “system” that they understand so they know where everything is. in fact, for these people, arranging things sometime cause them to not be able to find anything, as they are used to their mess.  But when you work in a test team, there needs to be order and a common code that helps decipher all the data into a clear workable report.


bug tracking“Color coding” is just my personal reference to the concept of organizing by prioritizing.


This blog has previously referenced the importance  of distinguishing between bug priority vs. severity .


Regardless of how you organize your Defects and/or your Project. Such practices ensure your capture as much information for each bug as possible. This helps your team’s workflow and it will also provide you with valuable information for future ones.


How do you categorize and manage bug tracking information? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Sai Gumaraj January 15, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

    This is too good. Even I relate many instances like this which I watch a movie or serial, but eventually I forget to make a note of that, and that is lost. From now on, I will make a note of that (yet another best practice).

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