About the QA Blog

“The difference between a tester and a Great Tester
lies in the value he provides to his team!”

Testing is not rocket science, but it is not trivial either.

The first thing a tester should know is that he is part of a team of people with a shared objective, and every task performed needs to be alined with the shared objective of his team.

This QA Intelligence blog is a set of approaches, methodologies, tools, lessons learned, and observations that can help you improve the value that you as a tester provides to your organization.

There are no Best Practices in life, and definitely not in testing, but by learning enough approaches and opening your mind to new ideas you will be able to come up with the best practice to approach your current challenge.



What other people say about QA Intelligence

“Joel is doing a candid job of helping testers across the globe by writing down his own experience, guiding them with his own conclusions and suggestions.
He is one of the few testers who selflessly helps others by addressing their problems.”

– Lalit Kumar Bhamare, Co-founder & Editor of Tea-time with Testers

“I think Joel’s posts are an excellent source of knowledge both for starting as well as experienced testers!”
– Rosie Sherry, Founder and Community Manager of the SoftwareTestingClub.com



About me

My name is Joel Montvelisky and I’ve been a tester for over 20 years now.

I am one of the co-founders of PractiTest ( one of the best Test Management Tools in the world – and I’m not biased!).
I’m the founder and host of the Online Test Conference, an amazing initiative that gets bigger and bigger every year.
Whenever I have the time I like imparting QA training sessions and even some short consulting gigs around testing, automation, agile testing, etc.

In the past I worked as a Test Engineer, and QA Manager for several companies.

During 5 years I worked in Mercury Interactive as the QA Manager for TestDirector, Quality Center, WinRunner, QTP and some other tools. I also help to deployed QC in many companies, from large Banks and Enterprises, and all the way to some very small startups.

Some years later, based on my previous experience and seeing the recurring need of many of my consulting clients, I was inspired to create a better QA Management tool; something smarter, lighter and refreshing (PractiTest – read why here)

Having said all that I am a full-time father of 3 amazing kids (need to update the picture bellow) together with my beautiful wife.


As of May 2022, the blog has moved to PractiTest's main website. To keep following our posts go there.