The 2017 State of Testing Report is out!

“What’s happening in the software testing world lately?”

This has become a question we are frequently asked ever since we started to publish the State of Testing report, four years ago!

The interesting (and equally exciting) fact is that this year we are actively getting approached by many testers asking when the State of Testing Report 2017 will be out. This tells us a lot about the value this project is providing to the worldwide QA Community.

So, yeah, you can download the full 2017 State of Testing Report here.
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Based on the information and the trends in this latest survey, it appears that 2016 was an eventful year for most testers if not for all of us. You will be able to read all about it in the full report, but here are some highlights to tickle your interest.

As we expected, the change drivers like technology, development methodologies, tools and techniques appear to be raising the bar higher for testing professionals, making our work more challenging and interesting than ever before.

Some of the interesting findings

  • Organizational place of the testing team – We see a trend where the Testing Function is reporting more and more to the Project Management and less to a VP or Director of QA.
  • Testing teams are getting smaller! – Most commonly in companies working Agile-like or without a structured model.
  • Formal training as a source of knowledge is constantly rising – Reaching 43% of this year’s respondents (up from 23% last year and 17% two years ago!), and along these lines certifications are also up
  • The adoption of Agile is becoming almost universal –  With close to 87% of respondents saying they work with Agile or Agile-like methodologies.

The challenges of being a tester in 2017

what it means to be a tester in 2017This year’s report included a larger number of open questions that we asked testers and managers, and their answers helped us get a small but interesting glance into the more personal aspects of being a tester around the world.

It may sound strange and even fantastic, but there are more similarities than differences when in comes to the difficulties and challenges of the global testing community.

We all work with management that is more interested in delivering products quickly to meet market pressures than making sure these products are delivered by the right process.

Most of us work under the shadow of a development team that gets most of the attention of the organization. And a very large number of us feel that people don’t understand the actual value we provide to the process and to the organization!

These are just a few of this year’s insights…I’ll let you read the rest on your own.


– Joel


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