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Joel presenting at meet up in london

It’s a Small (Testing) World After All

Hello Testers of the Free World ūüôā I am still trying to catch my breath after spending the past few weeks in¬†“travel mode”, but I wanted¬†to¬†sit down and share a cool¬†observation from my interaction with a large number of testing teams we visited and some individual testers I talked to from the Meetups we attended. […]

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What’s you favorite curse word?

Are you familiar with”Inside the Actors Studio“? ¬†In his program James Lipton always asks his guest Bernard Pivot’s 10 Questions to help the audience get a¬†more personal perspective¬†of the Actor. Out of these questions (one of which is the title of this blog post), the following two questions are the ones that always resonate with […]

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